You only want to hire the best – but where are they?


Finding qualified employees that match your culture requires creativity, marketing savvy and utilizing new methods to find and attract top talent.

 It is a difficult and  time-consuming task – one that most HR professionals find difficult to  fit into their already full workload. 

What amount of revenue is lost when an Engineering, Production or  Sales Manager position remains empty for months? An outside resource can  have an invaluable impact on the bottom line by quickly finding that  outstanding employee. 


HR Consulting Solutions, LLC  (HRCS) provides a superior placement service to help you fill your  Executive, Finance, Engineering, IT, HR and professional related  positions. You’ll receive the VIP treatment beginning with a call from  either Ginny or Kathie to discuss in depth what your ideal candidate  will look like.

HRCS offers several options to utilize our services. A client can select the option(s) that best fits its needs and budget.