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HRCS offers several options to utilize our services. A client can select the option(s) that best fits its needs and budget.

Career Consultation

HR Consulting Solutions specializes in devising and implementing plans for companies in the crucial stages of transition.

Let us be your HR solution.

HR Consulting Solutions

We are a human resource consulting firm that offers many HR solutions  for companies of 10 or 5000 employees. We provide recruiting expertise  to find the right talent and strategic consulting to create  organizational systems and processes that will support growth and  ongoing success for our clients.

We pride ourselves on being forward thinking and offering our  clients innovative, yet practical, solutions for their HR challenges. 

HR Consulting can connect your HR puzzle pieces to make your company even more competitive and successful!

What we do

Staffing Solutions You only want to hire the best – but where are they?

Recruitment Hundreds of Recruitment services.  

Outplacement   The faster displaced employees are re-employed, the more positive your company is viewed.  

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