About Us

A few words

HR Consulting Solutions provides custom solutions to fit your  company’s human resources (HR) needs. Whether you are a small company  without a HR department or a larger company in need of additional HR  support for a specific project or expansion, HR Consulting Solutions can  provide the expertise to allow you to focus on growing your business  and maintaining your competitive edge.

A New England consulting firm, HR Consulting Solutions’ success can  be attributed to the knowledge and expertise of its principal HR leader,  Ginny Champney, SPHR, SHRM-SCP.  Small or large, local or nation-wide,  profit or non-profit, HR Consulting Solutions serves a variety of  organizations in a range of industries.

GINNY CHAMPNEY, Principal  (Pictured above)

With over 25 years of executive HR leadership in a global, high-tech  manufacturing environment, Ginny Champney is skilled in tackling any HR  project.  Working in a fast-paced industry with employees throughout  the U.S. and internationally, Ginny has encountered and solved a  multiplicity of HR challenges.  Ginny earned her MBA from the
University of Maryland and obtained her Senior Professional of Human  Resources certification through the Society of Human Resource Management  in 1999. Her earlier career experiences included managing her own  restaurant; operations manager for the Trust Division of a large NY  bank; and then assisting with a start-up of a banking division in  Vermont. She has held several HR leadership roles at both the state and  national level.  Whether you have strategic projects that you need an  extra hand to complete or require HR expertise to fill a gap in your  business, Ginny’s extensive background will enable her to help you  achieve your goal! 

What we do

 Provide Solutions
We are a human resource consulting firm that offers many HR solutions for companies of 10 or 5000 employees.

Deliver Talent
We provide recruiting expertise to find the right talent and  strategic consulting to create organizational systems and processes that  will support growth and ongoing success for our clients. 

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