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HR Consulting Solutions specializes in devising and implementing  plans for companies in the crucial stages of transition. We pilot  corporations as well as individuals through the change process; while  easing the stress and emotion with personal caring for all that are  affected.

Employees who participate in career transition programs find jobs  quicker than those employees who do not have this training. There are  many advantages for companies who provide outplacement services. The  faster displaced employees are re-employed, the more positive your  company is viewed; the lower the risk of litigation; and the lower the  impact on your unemployment rate.

Outplacement Services include, but are not limited to:


  • Assisting in developing the termination policy and severance package.
  • On-site support at time of announcement.
  • Job search skills’ training workshops and one-on-one counseling

As part of the transitioning process, individuals receive help in:


  • Dealing with the emotional process of the change.
  • Determining their career passion.
  • Developing a career action plan (or job search action plan).
  • Writing resumes and cover letters that showcase value.
  • Interview preparation.
  • Negotiation and Job offer advice.

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